Tyler for short

All TJM Typefaces are the creative products of Tyler Jamieson Moulton, a designer in Portland, Maine. These fonts reflect just some of his interests and abilities. 

Tyler Jamieson Moulton is a graphic designer, type designer, and creative generalist. He is currently a designer at Side•sea in Portland, Maine and is a graduate from Maine College of Art.

Other Work

Designer, generalist, and one time engineering student, Tyler has his hand in many mediums Including; an illustration practice on Instagram; two albums released under the name Neptunee on Bandcamp; and a collection of original bird photography available on Unsplash.  

Tyler also talked art, design, and technology on The Podcast w/ Benson Thai in January, 2020 and again in 2021 in an upcoming episode. 

© 2021, Tyler Jamieson Moulton

Portland, Maine